Cut Red Tape to Free Entrepreneurs & Unlock Consumer Choice

Good government starts with making sure everyone has the opportunity to pursue their American dream. But here in Iowa, big government red tape and unnecessary regulations are stifling the entrepreneurial spirit and blocking job creation. Opportunity and upward mobility are becoming increasingly limited due to overreaching regulations hindering small businesses and startups.

Worse yet, government regulations are often used by special interest groups to protect an industry from competition that drives innovation.

Established businesses and workers in certain industries should not be allowed to kneecap their potential competition through regulations that slow-down or prevent entrepreneurs from entering the market.


  • Only six states license more low- and middle-income professions than Iowa. Iowans seeking to enter one of the 54 licensed jobs can expect, on average, to pay $141 (up to $1,850) in fees, be required to obtain more than six months of education and experience and take one or more exam prior to licensure. Source: Institute for Justice
    • Iowa’s cosmetology license is the second most difficult in the country to obtain — aspiring cosmetologists lose 490 days to training requirements. It takes 420 days to become a barber and 140 days to become a skin care specialist.
  • Would be providers in the healthcare industry are subject to the “Certificate of Need” board[1]. This regulatory system stifles innovation in healthcare and has prevented new mental health providers from offering services in both Sioux City and the Quad Cities[2].