Why Our Agenda

Iowa has long been a beacon of opportunity in the Midwest. We export innovation around the world. We feed America.

But over the past decade, government regulations have sometimes kept us from meeting our full potential—from being leaders in the Midwest.

It’s critical to all of us that Iowa doesn’t fall behind, and that’s why we created the Reform Iowa agenda. The five reforms may sound simple to some of us, but undoing the growth of government requires lawmakers who are willing to make a courageous stand.

And sometimes, the only way to give them a dose of courage is to make sure they know the public is behind them!

That’s why we need you! Endorse the plan on our homepage. Share the planks on social media. Sign up to become part of our unmatched grassroots force. Once you get a taste for how it feels to make a difference, you’ll never want to stop!